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Nutrients From Bone Marrow Your Body Needs

6 Important Nutrients From Bone Marrow Your Body Needs

Have you ever wondered why out of 10 persons 8 loves bone marrow?  I
remember when I got married I often ask hubby why he loves to crush
chicken, fish or goat bones to pieces with his teeth rather than throw
then to dogs, and he says he loves bone marrow because they not only
make his teeth strong but they are good source of calcium and Iron.
Curious I did further research and noticed that it contains more
nutritional element like phosphorus, magnesium, less amount of
polyunsaturated fat and also a good source of glycine. Glycine is an
amino used to make and repair other proteins in the body.

However, Shortage of all such micro-elements can lead to anemia,
weakening of the immune system which is responsible for protecting the
body from infections and antigens, chronic fatigue and weakness,
development of cardiovascular and other heavy diseases.

Therefore, bone marrow strengthens the immunity, improves the
cardiovascular and renal system, stimulates hormonal secretion and
sexual function of the organism, improves memory, sleep, emotional mood,
perception, comprehension and instinctively-conscious reflection of the
person. In the bone marrow these trace elements are already in the
right condition and concentration for the body.

For me, one of the most important benefits of eating bone marrow is
the Immunity to diseases. It’s really something we strive to achieve
every day.

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