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The Health Care in Danger intervention by the IFRC & NHQ in Oshodi/Isolo Division of the Lagos State Branch, in 20th November 2021 intervention program.

Following the concurrent issues of fire and some other fatal accident, and commuter attitude towards the red Cross and other rapid response team.

Redcross open detachment isolo local government council

Nigeria red cross, spoke about
the need for sensitizing the public and emphasing on road transport operators, traders and community members on the need for health care workers and first responders to carry out their duties during crises.

Redcross open detachment isolo local government council

This was made known to us during a road movement in Isolo area of lagos. conducted alert to community on health care workers matters that any time they see red Cross they should be of assistance to carry out the first aid responders to causality

Also, revalidating quick intervention of public and the people of Isolo area of lagos. He State the need to allow emergencies team carry out their duties effectively without harassment, intimidation or fear for their lives or that of the casualties/patients.

Red Cross acknowledged the desire of the public on this but decries over their attitude and character toward the smooth running of rapid response operatives during crisis.

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