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Omotola Fawehinmi skilled agribusiness entrepreneur.

Agriculture is undergoing a new technology revolution supported by policy-makers around the world. While smart technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things, could play an important role in achieving enhanced productivity and greater eco-efficiency.

To cope with today’s markets and economy pressure, innovations and creativity becomes very important in agriculture. The fact that agriculture is a major source of employment and backbone to many industries in terms of raw materials supply, heightens the critical role of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. More critical is the present state of food supply in which Nigeria has transited from food exporter to net food importer. No thanks to the prevailing political economy and non-supportive policies. Farmers would languish in poverty, rural development would suffer set back and the resultant effect on the economy and citizenry is better imagined without innovation and creativity. Thus, the chapter elucidated the need for innovation and creativity, trending innovation and creativity among practicing farmers in Nigeria and other burning issues of agricultural innovation system.

Omotola Fawehinmi believe Agriculture sector will reduce the poverty rate all across our country Nigeria, we all know Agriculture is the backbone of Africa’s economic development goals and it’s a sure way of achieving massive food security to stop hunger and famine for her citizens. Building of our Agricultural sector promotes healthy rich food system which also promotes employment through Agric business. It will stand as a bridge to promote job opportunities for our women, youths, as a source of their livelihood which also promotes global trade and boost the economy. The world food day is an annual event so let’s promote Food and Agricultureb

Omotola Fawehinmi as join the network food security to ensure nigerians do have a livelihood and sustainable future.

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