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National Conference on the future of Nigeria we hold by NADECO.

Conference on Nigeria future.

The National Democratic Coalition NADECO has said the group is set to host national conference in Washington, DC where Nigerians will discuss the future of the country and the way forward.

At the Press briefing Saturday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, the leaders of the group, Comrade Uyi Meshack and Miller Melfort said the purpose is to save Nigeria from the present crisis.

Comrade Meshack said they consulted with the old and new leaders of NADECO in abroad and those in Nigeria before they decided to inform the public of their plan.

He said NADECO was established in 1994 as opposition to military dictatorship and played a major role in 1994, after the June 12, 1993 crisis when Nigeria was faced with a serious political crisis, adding that NADECO rose to the occasion and fought tirelessly to usher in the democratic in Nigeria.

He noted that they are working closely with leaders of different ethnic groups, political parties and some political heavy weight in the country, stressing that the conference are not under the sponsorship of any government.

Comrade Meshack said: “We the people of Nigeria, including political parties and a galaxy of Nigerian political titans have voiced enthusiastic support to discuss the future of Nigeria. This conference is to be hosted by NADECO in Washington, DC, and it has been slated for 13-18, 2017.

“Today, 23 years later, Nigeria is at another political crossroads. Again, NADECO is rising to the occasion, unlike 1994 when NADECO’s mission was prodemocracy; its current mission is to facilitate good governance and economic development of Nigeria’s political dispensation.

“NADECO will publish a conference agenda, dates, and invitees in the forthcoming weeks. At present, Nigeria is governed by a constitution decreed by military dictatorship that has long outlasted its usefulness. Nigerians desperately need a new birth of freedom. “

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