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Drone Attack on U.S. Planes Refuses Extradition:Russian Accused of Plot.

Russian Accused of Plotting Drone Attack.

A Russian citizen accused of plotting drone attacks on U.S. military planes does not want to be extradited from Turkey to his home country, the Interfax news agency reports.

Renat Bakiyev was sentenced to six years in prison by a local court last week for plotting a drone attack on American aircraft at a military base in southern Turkey, the Turkish Sabah newspaper reported. The man is allegedly affiliated with Islamic State.*

According to an unidentified source cited by Interfax, Bakiyev has not given his consent to be transported to Russia, which could be an obstacle to his extradition.

Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office said last week that Bakiyev was on an international wanted list for two years on charges of being part of an illegal armed group, but that Turkey had refused to detain and extradite him for two years.

*Islamic State is a terrorist organization banned in Russia

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