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Russia running after French Election With ‘Fake News.

A supporter of Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron holds placard as he speaks during a meeting in Lyon, France.

Michel Euler / AP

The head of a major French political party has accused Russia
of interfering in the French presidential elections.

Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of En Marche! (Onwards!) accused
Kremlin-backed media outlets of running a targeted smear campaign of “fake news” against presidential
candidate Emmanuel Macron.
In an interview with television channel France 2, Ferrand
said that Macron had been singled out by Kremlin media outlets Sputnik and RT
for his pro-European policies.

claimed that Moscow wanted to swing the election in favor of Macron’s
pro-Russia rivals, far-right leader Marine Le Pen and center-right
candidate Francois Fillon. Both have spoken out positively about lifting
EU sanctions against Russia.
is clear that the far-right and the right and their candidates are
rather well regarded [in Russia] while we call for a strong Europe, a
powerful Europe. It is obvious, objectively, that a certain number of
Russian media clearly don’t want that,” he said.
A report by the French-language version of the Sputnik on Feb. 4 carried quotes labelling Macron as “a puppet of U.S. political and financial elites.” 
comments were made by center-right French legislator Nicolas Dhuicq,
who also claimed that Macron was being backed by “a very rich gay
The story may have played a role in Macron’s denials that he had had an extra-marital affair with another man.
Sputnik laughed off the allegations, telling readers that Ferrand had cited an irrelevant news article to support his opinion.
Russia Today also said the claims were unfounded.
seems that it has become acceptable to level such serious charges at
Russia Today without presenting any evidence to substantiate them, as
well as to apply this ‘fake news’ label to any reporting that one might
simply find unfavorable,” the news channel said in an emailed statement to the Reuters news agency.

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