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Obviously this word “woman” may mean little or nothing to the society maybe because it is considered as a phrase. Alas! There is more to it than meets the eyes.
Let me quickly bring us to understand this word “woman” from a different perspective. 
A woman is a female child, girl, lady whose body mechanism has been structured right from creation to reproduce, in other words, bring forth her young one.
Of course, the place of a woman cannot be over emphasized  in every society. Most people think the place of a female child is in the kitchen probably because the female child is often preferred to assist and be in the kitchen. Little wonder why our dear president Muhammadu Buhari’s statement about his wife says, “my wife belongs to my living room, my kitchen and the other room”. This statement needs not be explained further because it obviously translates where a woman has been placed and relegated to.

But the earlier this notion is corrected, the better.
Let’s take the daily routine of the family for example, the woman takes the responsibility of preparing breakfast/lunch/dinner for the family, getting the children ready for school, fixing the house and tending to her husband and the man does absolutely nothing in this regard.
The woman bears the pain and pangs of pregnancy for good 9 months or 7 months in some cases and brings forth her young in the most excruciating manner and yet the man is not affected in any way. Now, tell me, isn’t it partial?

I know the male counterpart may argue that the man is the bread winner of the home but interestingly, women are readily taking up the mantle of leadership in most homes and in the society.

Let’s call to mind the likes of Princess Diana and Magret Thatcher, Mitchel Obama, these are women who contributed immensely to the sustenance and development of the countries they found themselves. Yes, some may say I am making reference to foreign women…Well, nevertheless let me bring us back to memory lane. Can we recall Kema Chikwe, Late Dora Akunyilli (fmr DG NAFDAC) of blessed memory, these are exceptional women par excellence.
Late Dora was one woman who put her life on the line to make sure she sanitized the health industry so that you and I do not fall victim to fake and adulterated drugs, yes she fought with the last drop of her blood. This is the strength of a woman.

Again, there is a cliche which says “behind every successful man, there is a woman” ” The downfall of a great man is also through a woman”. Look at the story of the first man and woman( Adam and Eve) where the strength of a woman was in full display or do I go diabolical by making you understand that a charm prepared by a woman is considered more potent than that of a man.

Also not forgetting Samson and Delilah.
Have you ever come to think of what gave this popular music artiste ( Shaggy) the inspiration to sing one of his songs titled “STRENGTH OF A WOMAN”? I believe now, we should all have a rethink of the value of every woman

It is quite unfortunate that women have been proportionally represented in our homes and society today. There should be a wake up call for the girl-child empowerment. It is said that when you educate a girl child, you have educated a nation. 
Having said these, I implore every woman to discover their potentials and rise up to it. There is an inner beauty in us, mightier than the sword and decent in every way.

Writer ‘Patience Nwokohuo’.

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