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‘U.S HACKING’ is carrried out by special forces says former top KGB Agent.

Only trained special forces could have
been behind last year’s cyber-attack on the U.S. Democrat Party, the
former head of the KGB’s analytics department has claimed.

In an interview with Russian magazine
Ogonyok, Vladimir Rubanov claimed that “ordinary hackers” would
not have been able to break in the party’s servers to leak thousands
of classified emails.

“This attack was against a political
party. What need does an individual hacker have to launch an attack
on a political party?”

Rubanov also warned that cyber-attacks
would continue to put an increasing strain on international ties. He
claimed that the attack on DNC servers — and Russia’s alleged
role in the hack — threatened any chance of the Kremlin building
stronger ties with Washington.

President Donald] Trump will now have to prove that he has nothing to
do with Moscow,” Rubanov said. “There’s a chance that he’ll now take a
far harder stance toward Russia than Clinton ever would have in order to
divert suspicion from himself.”
spoke at length about Russia’s cyber-battalions, despite Kremlin
officials’ repeated claims that no such corps exists. He said that
Moscow had at least 1,000 people engaged in online-military operations:
but made sure to distinguish the well-drilled, government cyber-corps to
hackers acting as “hooligans” online.
have found that we Russians even have a kind of pride in our hackers,”
he said. “But in our fragile information society it is impossible to
treat hacking as a prank. They are a threat.”

main danger from increased hacking activity is attacks on critical
infrastructure, which could lead to man-made disasters and the real loss
of human life. This is a concern for all countries: but because of
that, we have the chance to find a international solution.”

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