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Death of Russian Medics

Russia’s Defense Ministry has criticized the
International Red Cross (IRC) for its “cynical” comments on the death of two Russian medics in Syria.

Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said that the IRC had
not shown sufficient respect for the medics, who were
killed when a field hospital in east Aleppo came under artillery fire on Monday

On Monday evening, the Kremlin called on the aid agency to condemn the attack. The IRC told Russian news agencies that the attack suggested
that parties involved in the conflict could not “fulfill their duties” to
protect medical staff, patients, and hospitals.

The Defense Ministry condemned the comments, claiming that they had not gone far enough.

“We expected that the IRC would at least respect
the work of our doctors in Aleppo and condemn the so-called [Syrian] ‘opposition,'” Konashenkov said on Tuesday morning. “Instead, we got cynical comments unworthy of the International Red Cross’ high status, which show real
indifference to the murder of Russian doctors, rather than objectivity.”

Konashenkov stressed that the IRC had visited Russia’s
Defense Ministry last week and was “well-aware” of the aid Russia was providing
to civilians in Aleppo.

The Russian Defense Ministry blamed Syrian anti-government forces
for the attack, as well as Western nations who “sympathized with their cause.” 

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