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Two Russian Police Officers Rig Traffic Accident to Extort Driver

Two police officers and their 19-year-old friend are suspects in a criminal investigation
in the Kaluga area, about 180 kilometers southwest of Moscow. The men
reportedly rigged a street corner to rope a passing driver into an
then extorted the driver, who the officers apparently knew was behind
the wheel without a license, for 60,000 rubles (about $970), in exchange
for their silence.
few days later, however, the driver was pulled over again, and this
time he was handcuffed to the steering wheel of his car. A man dressed
as a police officer demanded another 60,000 rubles, threatening to plant
illegal drugs in his vehicle and charge him with possession of

driver handed over 90,000 rubles in the end, which the three men
apparently divided up equally. He then reported the extortion to higher
authorities, who have charged the three men with extortion and abuse of
power. The suspects later confessed to these crimes during police

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