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Written by Alabi  Oluwatobi Olakunle

Never allow defeat defeat you, because if it happens you would be the carrier of  blame, people don’t  celebrate defeat instead they mock the bearer’ winners are often the leader.

According to  lawal Sodiq aka the (Truth) he says and I quote” am might be the winner but never be the best,  am might be the best but not the winner between the two my life flows. 

Its only a fool that accept defeat, because you are been defeated does not means you are not good its just show you need to work more,learn more paramount strategies more.

Two things are often sure either you win or you loss., its very normal for a person to be defeated.,likewise its the same for a person to win’ the better side are always having edge over defeat
Always learn to bounce back from several defeat it only telling you that you are not putting adequate requirement to win. 

When ever defeat comes don’t always mourn nor cry neither complain but arise to change things up.

Defeat is never a crime, but an informal to tell you no one is above defeat if you fails to prepare well. 

Don’t forget these six P
Proper plan planning prevent poor performance’ if necessary planing are put in place defeat could always be defeated.

 Always aim to defeat defeat unless defeat would defeat you unexpected. 

Several people could tell’ example of one which football lover could tell is about Arsenal FC they are always been defeat for several consecutive time by Manchester united in EPL for many years, but not recently they responded to the annual defeat their are also many other areas of life, in Nigeria ever since democracy had being in practice PDP had being the ruling part not quite long APC respond to defeat them, more example can be sighted from various angles.

Defeats are never a thing of joy’what it does is to devalue a person and cloth him with disgrace.  

Think wisely stand up to overthrown defeat and surely  winnings  are certain. 

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