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Outside Las Vegas hotel Clinton taunts ‘DONALD TRUMP’.

Hillary Clinton stopped at a union rally outside Donald Trump’s hotel on the Strip here, taunting the Republican front-runner on the eve of the first Democratic presidential debate.
“Some people think Trump is entertaining, but it is not entertaining to insult immigrants and women,” Clinton said.
Clinton joined about 500 members of the Culinary Workers Union — a powerhouse in Nevada, with 55,000 members. The group is lobbying to organize the Trump International Hotel here.
“If you are going to run for president, then represent all of the people of the United States,” she said. “I wanted to come by to lend my voice to all yours and I wish you well in these efforts.”
She also stressed that workers should have the right to unionize and that, as president, she would protect those rights.
    Her visit wasn’t announced ahead of time. But it reflects Clinton’s broader Democratic primary strategy: Keeping her attacks focused on Republicans, demonstrating to Democratic voters that she is best equipped to take on the eventual GOP nominee.
    The stop comes as Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and three other candidates prepare for their first presidential debate, set for 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Wynn and hosted by CNN and Facebook.
    Sanders did not attend the rally. But a Tesla wrapped in Sanders’ campaign logo drove by just after Clinton left. “We want Bernie,” the driver yelled, eliciting a ton of applause from the union members.
    Both Hillary and Bill Clinton arrived in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon — though the former president is not expected to attend Tuesday’s debate.
    Clinton isn’t the first Democratic presidential debate to use Trump’s Las Vegas hotel as a prop. 

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