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Russia’s aims to stabilize al-Assad government campaign in Syria.

The goal of Russian airstrikes in Syria is to stabilize the government of President Bashar al-Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin told state TV on Sunday, adding Russia has no plans to conduct a ground operation.
Russia has flown dozens of combat missions and launched more than 100 airstrikes since starting the Syria campaign September 30, according to figures from the Russian Defense Ministry. ISIS, Russia says, is a main target.
On Sunday, Russian air forces targeted 63 ISIS positions, including 53 strongholds, a command center, four training camps and seven ammunition depots, the ministry said.
A day earlier, Russian air forces struck 55 ISIS targets, including “the main and largest ISIS logistics centers,” ammunition depots and training camps, the ministry said.
“Our task is to stabilize the legitimate government and to create conditions for a political compromise,” Putin said in the interview with Russia 24.
“By military means, of course. The units of international terrorists and their ilk have no desire to negotiate with the Syrian government, who is almost sieged in its own capital.”
Asked about the possibility of a ground operation, Putin said, “We’re not going to do it, and our Syrian friends know about it.”
Putin said the airstrikes have a high degree of accuracy thanks to Russian intelligence-gathering over a long period of time.
“We were matching different kinds of information we received,” he said. “The specialists of the General Staff, in coordination with Syrian partners and other countries in the region, have created an information center in Baghdad. As a result of data exchange, we received additional information.
“So everything that is happening in skies and on the ground is not a spontaneous action, but the fulfillment of the previously envisaged plans.”

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