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Do you know? your growth feed simultaneously on what you provide it , and you cannot outgrow the level of what you are consuming.


While we often focus on the general growth of our business and attending symposium on areas to develop our businesses. There is therefore a need to personalised growth that could develop individual aspirations plus internal development.

In most cases we think the stage of personal growth is when we develop our mental capacity, develop major areas of our lives. But in personalising our growth, I have come to realise that personal growth is also about impartation and empowerment.

Basically, being Entreprenuer, an ­initiator of youth empower­ment programme considering it as a proactive solution to the development of our Nation

Personalising individual growth, is simply the activities of enhancing the world that surround us. Since we focus more on personal development on increasing the capabilities and build human capital facilitate employability, and enhance quality of individual life.

“Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.”
– Jean Vanier

However, to personalise individual growth can also be through these following ideas of learning to control anger, standing up against procrastination, learning to be more polite, be more positive about things around us,taking up responsibility,changing individual mindset and learning new things.

Finally, the growth of the world around us matters a lot and your personal development will enhance the level of the growth you see.

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