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Thunderbolt killed two brothers at adubi aro village a subregion of Ogun State.

The two brother meet their Waterloo this last Friday 14th of June 2019 at papalanto area in the village called adubi aro Ogun, State Nigeria.

According to one of the residents of this area and a friend of the bereave, who plead to be anonymous. He said the incident actually happened during the evening toward night of the day while both brothers where returning back home.

He stressed the two brother where popular people in this community and well known, when we try to confirm how sure he was they were stroked and killed by the thunder stroke. He claimed one of the town traditionalist confirm the two brothers were culprit, whom have done series of wickedness to the people of their community. 

But after several warning by [ogun], known as god of thunder. Whom he claimed has appeared to them on several occasions to stop their wicked act, unfortunately when the thunder strike that night they were killed while coming back from fishing.

However, despite the strong claim by the residents of this area. We are yet to hear a different claim on the actual cause of their death.

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