A 14 year old Nigeria Boy turned chivital juice company to a controllable car

Talent is simple and straight making something out of nothing.  Generation after generation the legacies of invention in western world remains unshakable. Meanwhile it has become something very common in our world today, while the western and developed countries continue to grow and increase on every side.

Africans and some part of  Asia, North america remains fertile but useless because of their inability to manage human and utilize material resources in their prospective societies.

However, I was fortunate  to meet this public school student, a student  of anonymous Junior secondary school in Isolo lagos, Nigeria. Although I learnt he is learning at one local mechanic workshop but his ability to utilize Chivita  carton to design a reversible and battery usage liken car in disguised is an eye catching invention.

Femi Noah is from Kogi state I believe his creativity can meet the expected talent in automobile industries. And I think it’s high time Africa as a whole need to utilize and discover talented young citizens so as to put an end to the long reliance on foreign invention.

summing  up I will advice us to diversify  the areas at which we are grooming talent. The world is no longer in the era of focusing on entertainment and comic reliefs activities a lot of folks are talented out there looking for who can invest in their skill.

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