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Creative Firefighters Use Snowballs to Douse Flames

A pair of firefighters got creative when they put out a cable fire with the one thing in abundance across Russia this time of year: snow.

Social media footage showed uniformed emergency workers in the Voronezh region pelting snowballs at burning electrical wires overheard.

A regional Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman said the firefighters hurled snowballs at the wires to keep the flames from spreading while municipal workers cut off power.

“Our lads used an elegant, safe and fun means of preventing the fire from spreading – snowballs,” Sergei Khrenov, spokesman for the ministry’s Voronezh region branch, said in a Facebook post Monday.

“The fire extinguishing textbooks refer to this action as ‘improvised means of firefighting,’” he added. “Most importantly, it worked!”

The feat comes a month after police in Siberia commended their colleagues for hurling snowballs at a burning house before the arrival of firefighters.

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