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One Week After Dozhd Navalny Lifts Veil on Putin’s Alleged ‘Secret Dacha,’ .

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny published yet another investigation claiming to show President Vladimir Putin’s “secret dacha” on Thursday, drawing nearly half a million views within hours of appearing on YouTube.

His bombshell investigation, however, comes nearly a week after the opposition-leaning Dozhd television channel published its own expose with satellite images of Putin’s alleged villa on the Russian border with Finland.

Dozhd identifies the villa near the Vyborg as a cultural heritage site dubbed “Villa Sellgren.”

“That Dozhd television channel,” Navalny wrote in a blog post detailing his Anti-Corruption Foundation’s (ACF) investigation. “You prepare and prepare an investigation into Putin’s secret dacha, and they — bam — and publish the report about it first.”

ACF drone footage of the alleged property in Vyborg Bay depicts a lavish property, together with a helicopter pad, a 1,500-square-meter guest house and the 745-square-meter historic site alongside its 1,500-square-meter extension. Villa Sellgren occupies a territory totaling 48.5 hectares, according to the ACF.

Construction of the “secret dacha” began after 2010 and the president himself “has vacationed there at least once,” a source close to the Vyborg regional administration told Dozhd and an unidentified resident referred to it as “Putin’s residence.”

The channel, citing registry documents, weaves a complicated web of ownership, which includes the now-deceased “long-time friend of Putin” Oleg Rudnov.

The villa is said to be one of the sites where the much-beloved Soviet depiction of “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” was filmed in 1979.

ACF’s latest revelations come five months after the foundation claimed in another report that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev controls a 5-billion-ruble ($85 million) mansion near Moscow, a winter home in the mountains near Krasnodar region, and another mansion in Kursk region.

That report also alleges that Medvedev owns two large plots of land in Krasnodar, an Italian vineyard, an opulent residential building in the heart of St. Petersburg with luxurious apartments, and two yachts.

Medvedev’s spokeswoman said at the time it was “pointless to comment propaganda attacks from an opposition figure and a convict.”

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