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Students of OAU union shut down University of Ibadan

Members of the Great Ife Students’ Union shut the main entrance of the University of Ibadan over what was described as harassment from a member of the Abefele Security Unit in the institution. The incident between both parties took place on Saturday, 19th August, 2017 at about 5pm.
Speaking with the Great Ife Students’ Union President, Mr. Oyekan Ibukun Edward on Sunday, he explained that members of the Ife Union wanted to gain access into the environs of the University of Ibadan but were faced with victimization by members of the security unit. He said that at their point of entry, there was a car that was in front but the car was being over delayed, thus, they suggested that the security members allow the car being checked to park properly while another member of security pass the queue for other vehicles to enter. However, he added that the recommendation was not only rejected but also came with an indirect threat by a security man, telling them to turn back for they will not be allowed access into the institution.

Mr. Oyekan, popularly referred to as Dr. IBK mentioned that when it finally got to their turn, the security officer deliberately delayed them, and He (Dr. IBK) advised that they should be allowed to park properly so that others can gain entry, but according to him, the security officer believed that they wanted to force their way in, leading him to burst their rare tyre.After we where allowed in, immediately we came out we changed it for them, he said

While narrating the incident, he said that “the security people were trying to victimize us. We were about to enter UI gate and a car was standing in front of us, so they were actually over delaying the car for like 10 minutes. I was sitting in front and I told the security guy that you guys should be fast and he said if you can’t wait, you better go back.”

“They thought we were joking. Then we shut down the University. We made sure that there was no movement from inside to outside campus. Then the Chief security officer of the University called us and begged us that we should just calm down and give them like 20 minutes that they are going to fix our tyre, so when they promised us that, we opened the gate then we allowed the movement to flow”, he said.

Discussing the rationale for the visit to the institution, Dr. IBK explained that members of the Great Ife Union went for a party of one of their ex-union members in Ibadan. “So we felt like it has been a while since we entered UI, so we just wanted to see some things around that was all”, he said.

In a phone conversation with the Chief Security Officer of the University, Mr. Akindayomi, he authenticated the incident but explained that members of the Ife Union breached security protocol; however he expressed delight at the rate at which his office was able to handle the situation.

“The students from Ife breached security protocol and they had an encounter with the University but the matter was promptly settled by the office of the CSO and the students were happier when they were leaving. There was no problem”, he said.

It should be remembered that the Students’ Union of the University of Ibadan was suspended about three months ago after members embarked on a peaceful protest on May 29, 2017 over demands for ID cards and better welfare of students on campus. Till date, the Union has not been reinstated. Attempt to reach the President of the suspended Students’ Union, University of Ibadan, Mr. Ojo Aderemi, was futile as his phone was switched off.

It was also gathered that every member of the Students’ Executive Council as well as members of the Students’ Representatives Council have been given query letters by the University management, which is step to getting a reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the University at the level of the Students Disciplinary Committee

University of Ibadan

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