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Russia Commercial Bank Says Hackers Are Faking Its Apparent Ties to Trump.

In a new press release,
Alfa Bank, the largest private commercial bank in Russia, says it has
no ties to the Trump Organization, following reports that the FBI is
again investigating computer links between the two.
to Alfa Bank, the “false impression” of ties to the Trump Organization
is the result of new cyber-attacks this February and March on the bank’s
computers, which repeatedly bombarded the Trump Organization’s servers
with DNS-requests from servers located in the United States.
bank’s representatives say the hackers are sending DNS reverse lookup
requests designed to look like they’re coming from Alfa Bank.
Bank confirms that it appealed to U.S. law enforcement agencies for
assistance in finding the people behind the cyber-attacks on its
servers, which lead to the false impression that Alfa Bank is working
together with the Trump Organization,” the press release stated.
Earlier this month, CNN reported that U.S. federal investigators are still examining the “odd” computer links between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

Last November, The New York Times reported
on an earlier FBI investigation into the same matter, saying officials
“ultimately concluded that there could be an innocuous explanation, like
a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts.”


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