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Akwa Ibom Nigeria-Truck kills conductor, lands on cab.

A diesel truck driver on Saturday killed his conductor and crashed on to a cab at Ekom Iman Junction in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The truck was said to have fallen into the gutter and crushed a taxi which was waiting for its turn to load.

A resident, Mr. Okon Ekong, said the truck was on high speed without minding the corner.

He added that as the driver tried to maneuovre to avoid crashing into
the gutter, but owing to the speed, he was unable to do so.

He added that just three weeks earlier a truck crushed into the similar spot killing a child.

According to Ekong, there should be proper training for truck drivers
as many of them do not know the difference between a straight road and a

His words: “Trucks are major threats in Akwa Ibom. The drivers, who
drive these trucks drive them as if they were riding motorbikes or cars.
Many deads in the state caused by accident are always accentuated by

“Not just three weeks ago, a truck fell on the same spot of Ekom Iman
and killed a child, not to mention that of Itam in Itu Local Government
Area of the state, just a month ago that claimed lives.

“This time it was the conduct of the truck that lost his life. Though
the cab driver was able to escape dead as he was not in the vehicle,
how will he repair the vehicle so that he can fend for his family once

“I think there should be special school for truck drivers. it should not be an all comer affairs.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Cordelia Nwawe, said she was not aware of a truck falling and killing anybody.

Truck kills conductor, lands on cab in Akwa Ibom

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