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Float catches fire at Carnival in Katsina State.

The Street procession of Abuja Carnival, which began on Saturday was
temporarily disrupted as the Katsina State float went up in flames.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the incident occurred when
the beautifully decorated float mounted on an articulated truck came in
contact with a high tension electric wire at Area One.

The float was very high, while the wire was not that high.
The Katsina State contingent did not notice that their float was too
high to pass beneath the electric cables as they and everyone were
carried away by the excitement and fanfare that being experienced during
the procession.

It took the combined efforts of the contingent, spectators, residents and other good Samaritans to put off the fire.

This they did by pouring sachets of packaged water, popularly known as “pure water’’ on the burning float.

While some were pouring water on the float, others tried to tear off the
fabric used in decorating it to save the truck from burning.

However, it was the fire extinguisher brought by a Good Samaritan that saved the truck from burning.

NAN reports that nobody was injured during the incident.
While, there were securities agencies, medical personal and other
government parastatals on ground, the Nigeria Fire Service was
conspicuously absent.

The carnival continues on Sunday Dec. 4.
Some states participating in the event includes Kwara, Bayelsa, Kogi,
Yobe, Delta, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Nasarawa among others.

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