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Ankara Inspired Nursery

African Print Inspired Nursery Yay! It’s nursery reveal time!!

This room used to be an office for Mr L, we had to move his desk and
computer to the living room downstairs but we couldn’t move his books.
Even after getting rid of some books and magazines, we still have quite a
few number of books in the nursery.

Here is what my Ankara fabric star themed nursery looks like. I will
be sharing DIY tutorial of how i made most of the items in the nursery

Love the design or have a suggestion? Make a comment below *wink*wink*


20150212_152720 DSCN7219 DSCN7220 DSCN7221 DSCN7222 DSCN7224 DSCN7225 DSCN7226 DSCN7227 DSCN7228 DSCN7231 DSCN7233 DSCN7234 DSCN7235 DSCN7238 DSCN7239 DSCN7240 DSCN7241 DSCN7242 DSCN7243 IMG_4262

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