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• Basic Business Planning (Module One)
• Effective Presentation
• Basic French
• Web Designing
• **Advance French
• **Business Expansion (Module Two)
NOTE: Courses marked ** will be available soon.

Business Planning

You will learn and be able to jump start your business.  We will cover ENTREPRENEURSHIP & IDEATION (Business Model Canvas), COMPANY PLANNING (Company Registration, Vision Mission Values, Goals & Objectives, Business Strategy & Keys To Success), BUSINESS MARKETING & SALES FORECAST (Market Description & Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Selling Strategies, Marketing Approach, Customer Segmentation), ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE & MGT. (Responsibilities & Qualifications, Mgt Structure & Profiles, Board of Directors, SWOT Analysis), FINANCIAL PLANNING & MGT. (Assumptions & Forecasts, Revenues & Expenses, Equipment & Depreciation, Current Status & Milestones)

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Effective Presentation

You will learn how to present with confidence, clarity and authority.  We will cover IMPRESSION MGT. (Personal Branding, Telephone Ettiquette), WRITING SKILLS (Business Writing; Letters & Memos, Article & Writing for the Blog), PUBLIC SPEAKING (Designing & Delivery of Presentations, Speeches; Types & Structure, Overcoming Public Speaking Apprehension), POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS (Clarity, Simplicity, Images, Arrangement & Animations), SELLING SKILLS.

Basic French

You will learn how to speak French effectively and the creativity to learn better through audio-visual resources and worksheets.  We will cover INTRODUCTION TO LEARNING FRENCH, INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH VERB GROUPS, FRENCH VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR, EVERYDAY CONVERSATION.

Web Designing

We will cover INTRODUCTION TO WEB DESIGNING (HTML, NotePad), Introduction to Graphic Design (Using CorelDraw & Adobe Photoshop),DREAMWEAVER & FIREWORKS (Tools for Web Design & Coding management), CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (How To Use Wordpress To Power Your Sites), INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE MANAGEMENT & SERVER MANAGEMENT (Domain Registration, Website Hosting & Management, Creating Emails)

MyDreamConnect Learning Centre

MyDreamConnect Learning Centre is helping to promote human capability development (for quality workforce development) and also offering basic business skills to people starting up through her Continuing Education for Development (CED) program. Our aim is to bring out professionalism in our people by supporting their growth through quality classroom and practical training.
MDCLC works very closely with people to help expand and improve the quality of their lives through life skills and other creative & technical training using strategic and creative thinking tools to help them better understand how to manage and grow self – we want men and women to be healthy, reasonable, capable and sophisticated to become good prospects for leadership at home, in the workplace and in the government; serving them with great knowledge and skills in both books and life.

08025852568  |  08128936463 (WhatsApp)  |  BBPin: 592766C2

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