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Pam’s Pan.
For weddings/birthdays/naming/get together/house warming/meetings/launch hour services/end of the year parties.
Celebrations and promotional events. Meticulous events big or small that need a menu that will be remembered, excellent service to impress and unparalleled efficiency in planning and coordination to ensure your event will happen the way you want it to.
Events that require consistency in food quality and guaranteed food safety.
We do customized menus package to suite every occasion and budget.
Please Note prices can be NEGOTIATE.
An Affordable Cooking Services
This is to formally Introduce to you that
Pam’s Pan Kitchen Services,prices are
affordable and pocket friendly.
Our Service Include :-
1, Cooking Services
2, Production of all snacks
3, Production of Cakes
4, Production of Chapman
5, Events planning
6, Sates and Delievery of Drinks
7, Indoors and Outdoors Services.
Do you know you can get a plate of Fried Rice,
Jollof Rice, Semovita, Wheat, Pounded yam,
Eba, Amala, Fufu, at affordable fee with Free
bottle of plastic water with free delievery in all our state in Nigeria but our
services change base on a plate of food. For your parties ?
See below our description :-
1, A plate of Fried Rice with a lap of chicken or Turkey with crocker Fish and
big beef go with plantains and salad in a take away pick and then a free bottle
of plastic water.

2, Six mixture of Small Shops with free bottle of plastic water. 
3, Chapman with fish pepper soup or Goat meat pepper .
4, Also for Coconut Rice, Chinese Rice,
Horizontal Rice with a big lap of Chicken or Turkey and Crocker Fish with a big
beef go with salad and plantains in a take away pack and a free
bottle of plastic water. 
5, for Semovita, wheat, Pounded yam, Eba, Fufu
and Amala with soups such as Guise, Ewedu,
Eforiro e.t.c, accompaned with Goat meat with big
Pomo, and assorted meat or black fish and a free bottle of plastic water in a
take away pack.

=> We can deliever at the above mentioned
price,and then our service charge is 9 percent per plate inclusive with VAT.

Please Note prices can be NEGOTIATE


Assorted Meat/Goat Meat/Chicken and Fish Stew – 4ltr bowl.
Ila Alasepo (mixed okoro soup) Egusi, Eforiro, Ogbonno with assorted meat, cowleg,dryfish, roasted fish, oporoko (stock fish) and crayfish – 3litre bowl.
Àtá dindin( fried sauce) with Cowleg, cowmeat, shaki, liver, kidney, gizzard and fish in bit sizes 3liter bowl.
Ofada sauce -(local sauce fried with red oil and garnished with locust beans and pieces of dryfishes and assorted meat in bit-sizes. 3liter bowl.
Gbegiri, Ewedu, Ila (plain okoro)
For Big or Small parties, you can try Us today
because we have done it before and we will be
ready to do it again.
The higher the number of people
and quality of your order attract price reduction, try Us
Timely, efficient and excellent services are guaranteed.
You can also reach Us through the following means
Office Address: No 1,Alabe street isolo
Lagos State.
Whatsapp: +2348024547811, +2348024544101

For cake and crafts

We are looking forward to your patronage and we assure you that we give satisfactory services. 


Native chicken
Pork meat
Bush meat
Boli with onion sauce or cashew nut
Ewa agonyin with yam or dodo.  

Thank you.

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