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By Alabi oluwatobi olakunle.
The major powerful instinct of human beings,as far thought is concerns; its important for human to make thought as a tool  of making decisions., changes occurs frequently  to one’s thought

Never to forget that their was a time in life’ in which we only thought of this under listed items foods,cloths, jewelries., and  all others materialistic items, but gradually diachronic occurred. Let not compared the mind set of a person between the range of ten to  eighteen year of age to a person between the range of twenty to forty five years of age, as so on as so forth’ during those periodic moment  different diachronic would have been involved, due to stages of life. 

Nevertheless the thought of a person performs different arbitrary works; a particular quote on thought which says and I quote” your thought is your character, and your character is your action while your action is who you are” It can only be intense of passion of what you thought of ., many make mistakes simply because they lack factual and positive thought in life.   
The only way forward for factual and positive thought is a good intra personal consultant: that it before finalising on your thought you need  self examine on the topic of the thought before turning it to character.  
There is no different between thought and thinking., but the only thing is one is used for present tense while the other for past tense. Before I could envisage on the enablement of positive thinking’
What can we vividly say on the word thinking? Its could  be more or less  describe as the act of conceive, that it bring up ideas withing oneself. 
Enablement of positive thinking can only be in practices if a person could examine him or herself in term of what exactly am I found of thinking; is it positive enough or is it just wasteful thought.  enablement will never happened not until you put yourself into an examination of thought. 
Not to forget that people of positive thinking  are greater ideologies in the world’ and it only requires self discoveries to acquired enablement of positive thinking. 
Although positive thinking are acquisitive but not as good as self examine’ in terms of enablement. imbibing  the enablement of positive thinking to make oneself a better and glorious people ever, and to make the world a positive place.

‘Life is full of pain, yet many enjoyed their time, life is full of risk yet many enjoy the risk. Although its said that risk taker are not gain maker ‘ but they are  history makers let keep moving an aiming higher victory is certain. Oluwatobi cares have a lovely night rest’.

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