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NGN1000 empowerment opportunity is a 3 in 1 opportunity

Business Expansion program
Cooperative program
Empowerment program

The company started this year and it is proudly Nigerian
Founded by Mr Harry Ogiugo and the brainchild of GIGA ACTIV ENTERPRISES Ltd
Has over 3000 members across Nigeria
The business Expansion program is its network marketing plan
The aim is to provide a means of passive income for its members, this can help then raise funds for projects and SME Business
And to expand their already existing business
While also presenting them with other opportunities through other parts of its program
To be part of all these all it takes is being a member with just N1050
It’s network marketing plan is unique in so many areas and very profitable.
1. Low Start up fee
2. No target/monthly autoship
3. No products selling
4. Follow the leader matrix
5. Spill over works
6. Payment are paid directly to account
It works with a 3 by 3 matrix system
With 4 stages
Pioneer stage
Manager stage
Director stage
Ruby director stage
Remember in network marketing it is team work
Consistency and diligence
Now here is how this works
When you become a member you are automatically placed I  the pioneer stage
The system arranges your downlines in 3’s
Let me explain the concept of spillover
If you happen to have 10 friends who are ready to register, and you register them with your I. D, the first 3 will be placed under you while the others will be placed under each of the 3
There are 2 types of bonuses
Referral bonus – N200 is paid per person. So in the example above you will earn N200 x10.
For registering them directly with your I. D
The second bonus is cycling out bonus –  this is what you get when you finish a stage
Here are the cycling bonus for each stage
1. Pioneer Board – N10,000
2. Manager Board – N300,000 plus
Power Generating set plus Business Equipment.
3. Director – N1.5m Business Grant + N1m Rent support
4. Ruby Director – N2.5m Business Expansion Grant
An SUV worth N7m
4 Bed Room Flat in our estates in the Lagos environ.
All Expense Paid Trip abroad with your family worth N3m
Pioneer stage, it takes 39 downlines to complete this stage, arranged like to picture I will post below
Every member is expected to refer at least 3 persons
Once everyone refers 3 the stage is completed soon
Once the stage is completed you are automatically cycled out to the Manager stage
Manager stage, your 39 downlines will do what you have done, meaning graduate from the pioneer stage to join you in the managers stage. Once 39 of them join you you will be automatically promoted to the director stagecoach
The same principle work in the directors stage. You need 39 graduates from the managers stage to get you to the last stage
The Ruby director stage you earn In 3 levels
2.5m in cash
Travel Bonus will be paid at the end of the first level
Luxury car gift will be given at the completion of the the second level
The 4 Bedroom Flat will be awarded on the completion of the 3rd and final level of the Ruby Director stage .
The cooperative works like every other cooperative, where every member will benefit from dividends, can access loans, and reap from investment  opportunities presented from time to time.
To register copy and past this link to your browser.

To register copy and past this link to your browser.

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