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GBAGAUN!!: Aloy Productions International

Aloy Productions International is at it again!
Aloy Productions International is now BACK, BIGGER and BETTER, you can’t beat whats happening in the house of Aloy Productions these days…..
You want to know? Just keep tab on the Production house.
Do you know Aloy productions don’t only produce.
They also promote, endorse and Market the best quality films and music.
Aloy production produced, promoted and Marketed all Yinka Ayefele’s from 1999 till 2011
( )

Also  marketed TUNSHE “Rolling the Praise” Album 2011.


ALOY PRODUCTIONS DON’T JOKE WITH QUALITY, CLASS AND TASTE..So watch out for the new wonders that are about to erupt from the production house.
OFFICE ADDRESS: Moyosore CD market Bolade Oshodi and Block EU Army Arena Plaza Bolade Oshodi,Lagos Nigeria.


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