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Art work exhibition in London this week

Art work of tiny proportions goes on display in London this week, showcasing small-scale figurines at an “ant-sized” exhibition.
Ahead of Friday’s release of Marvel’s latest cinematic offering “Ant-Man”, micro-artist Willard Wigan has recreated the superhero, who can shrink in size but grow in power, on a very small scale — in the eye of a needle.
The figurine is so minute it has to be viewed properly through a microscope, as with most of Wigan’s work.
At “Antsibition”, his tiny “Ant-Man” is on display alongside other pieces measuring only a few micromillimetres, such as a skateboarder on the end of an eye lash and a Harley motorbike, also sitting in the eye of a needle.
“I don’t enjoy doing this work because it drives me insane but I get pleasure when I finish it,” Wigan told Reuters.
“That’s the drive…the end result, the finish.”
Wigan began creating the tiny work at the age of five when he made houses for ants — one of which is also on display at “Antsibition” in a gallery itself made up of a small room at London’s Old Street station.
He makes his own small tools — such as tweezers made from a dead wasp’s sting and paints with a fly’s hair.
“If you make a mistake as you’re painting…the whole thing will be a total shambles,” he said. “Anything I do, it’s microns of movement, I have to be a dead man working. Everything has to be so still, sometimes I find myself going cold.”
“Ant-Man”, which stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, is released on July 17.

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