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Piece of the mind and i felt i should share with us so please read on:

By Tunshe
Of a truth there’s time and season for everything and everyone in life, If the same clock that reads 9am do later reads 9pm and mornings do disappear and later turn nights then no condition is permanent either good or bad.
Hear this; when you are flying pls don’t look down on those that are walking and if you are walking don’t underrate those that are crawling and at the same time if you are crawling , don’t beef those that are walking and if you are walking don’t beef those who are flying, its better to make more friends than enemies, whatever you do today shall later be given back to you in Multiple folds when your status changes positively or negatively, I’m a living witness. Do good, think positively and live happily, purge your heart of evil thoughts and it shall be well with you.
You will soon celebrate and be celebrated
O shi ma make sense.


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